Monday, February 11, 2013

Walter Benjamin Reading Questions

Question 1: In Section V, it states that art is valued and received on different planes. I wonder what is the one element that decides its value. Is it up to the eyes of the buyer to determine its worth?

Question 2: Hearing about what it is like for an actor or actress to be in front of a movie camera gave me more insight on how I interpret movies. Lots of movies today use tricks to confuse the audience into thinking the movie is as real as possible. How do you feel when you watch an actor on the screen? Do you ever think about what it is like from their point of view?

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  1. Nick, I find myself drawn to a certain kind of art (abstract expressionism) more often than not because past artists influenced the way I appreciate art. In essence, I developed my taste in art over time and years of study/appreciation.

    As for film,and "real as possible", go see The Impossible. It was crazy real. I find myself totally absorbed in a movie if it's good and only think to put myself in the actors shoes after it's over.

    Sounds like a fun class you're taking. Enjoy it!